the berry latest 2nd quarter 2017

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Pet Foods are Big Business!

Check out some of the latest trends.   Manufacturers are looking for high-quality, functional and popular ingredients for the latest pet foods.  And-- of course -- the pets got to like it too!


healthy message

Pet food products capitalize on health messaging.   This includes antioxidants, urinary tract health and anti-aging. 



The term "Superfoods" can be seen on pet food products as well as other buzzwords including sustainable, ancient grains and of course -- humane.


Pet "Cosmaceuticals"

These containing blueberries are a new item in pet care and are growing in popularity.   Pet appearance and shiny coat are important goals for any pet owner.


Pet Food Additives! 

Blueberry puree, powders and fiber are packed in add-ons for pet foods.



Just Back from Global pet expo

We are just back from the annual Global Pet Expo (GPE) held annually in Orlando, Florida.  

Five years ago at GPE we saw a few random blueberry products here in there.  Today -- blueberries are seen in all sectors of this $60 billion industry.    While pet foods account for half of this amount -- we see blueberries in snacks, treats, supplements and even pet cosmetics.

What's next?  More blueberries -- of course!

- Tom Payne
USHBC Food Industry Consultant


Superfoods and More

Wholestic, organic, ayurveda, biodynamics and other terms are all resonating in the pet food market.  If it is happening in the human food market -- can and will happen in the pet food market as well.


all is good

Pet food manufacturers latch on to national pride, Manufacturers use terms like wholesomeness, and support of farmers. Again -- made with pride in the USA.


Blueberry Pet foods Continues!

Pet foods with blueberries is here to stay.   Each year we are seeing hundreds of new products including blueberry fortified dog and pet foods and a rising number of pet treats and specialty diet foods with blueberries. 


international Developments

The blueberry pet food phenomena is not just a North American or European craze.   We are seeing blueberry pet products in Asia, Australia, and Mexico and South America.


USA produces the most

The USA is by far the largest producer of blueberry containing pet foods, but Asia is coming on fast with major production in places like Thailand, South Korea and Japan.


USA Origin Importance.

North American produced pet foods are trusted around the world -- especially in Asian countries where there have been terrible food safety and ingredient scandals.   One large Asian pet food company proudly displayed a sign stating that no ingredients were from China!


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